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about tom stine

As a full-stack web developer specializing in React, Next.js, TypeScript, and Node.js, I bring a diverse range of experiences to the table. While I had dabbled in web development since the late 1990s, it wasn't until 2021, after leaving my teaching career, that I decided to pursue coding full-time. I kicked off 2022 by joining a small web3 development studio, where I built frontends for various NFT projects. When the NFT market took a downturn later that year, I transitioned to Bass Pro Shops as a full-stack developer, where I am currently working on a React/Next.js-based frontend for the existing eCommerce website.
Beyond web development, I have extensive experience teaching a wide variety of subjects to learners of all ages. Teaching has always been a passion of mine, and I firmly believe in the possibility of helping everyone to learn. Effective teaching, contrary to popular belief, is less about the teacher thoroughly knowing their subject matter. Instead, it is far more about understanding each student's needs and helping him or her take the next step towards acquiring the knowledge or understanding they require.
In addition to teaching and coding, I spent two decades trading various financial assets, including precious metals, bonds, futures, and forex, for my personal accounts. This experience provided me with a deep understanding of central banking and financial markets, fueling my interest in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (DeFi).
I have an insatiable thirst for learning, with a particular fascination for technology, history, politics, international affairs, psychology, and geography. Maps have always held a special appeal for me, leading my daughter to joke that I seem to have "a map in my head" due to the countless hours spent studying them as a child.
Needless to say, I have been a true lifelong learner, eager to tackle any subject that comes my way.
Finally, it's worth mentioning that I grew up on a dairy farm in rural Missouri, coming from a long line of farmers. While I can fix almost anything with a hammer, duct tape, WD-40, and wire or twine, milking cows never appealed to me. Instead, I pursued more intellectually stimulating and challenging endeavors. My varied background has imbued me with a cosmopolitan and global perspective, one that values and appreciates the inherent worth of all people, regardless of their country, background, orientation, age, or any other factor that contributes to the rich diversity of humanity.